Javascript SEO Group Discussion by Google Groups

On may, 12th John Mueller has started a Google Group discussion thread related to Javascript SEO and Angular Js SEO.

Here is the post on his Twitter profile.

We’re putting together a group to discuss JavaScript sites/frameworks & search. Join us, if you make one!

You can simply join using your Google account and start participating in the discussion. This group is extremely helpful if you are looking for some details on AngularJs SEO and any other JavaScript SEO. One of the reason is that the group itself is handled by one of the Google’s search quality analyst John Mueller.

Last day I asked John Muller a Question on AngularJs SEO and he replied with the solution as watching this video:

Yah! they covered pretty much everything that you need to do for your website (built on JS). And I recommend you to subscribe to this channel for future updates on Js Seo.

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